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Make It Monday !

It's Monday and as parents we have to make it happen. Today I want to challenge you to make time to love on your babies. The current state of our world is creating some new feels for our children. Some if not all need some extra time and love from us. I know that project is due, your kids have after school activities and homework and you need to make dinner. Despite all of these responsibilities in front of you today or even this week. Make time to read a bed time story, play a round of a video game or let them help with preparing dinner. We make time for things that are important to us. Your children are definitely important.

I'm going to make it my business to read a few books with my son tonight and let him help with preparing dinner. I have included a few different ideas below:

Free Create: Letting their little minds stretch from the constraints of all the rules they follow all day is so good for exercising their creativity and problem solving. They can be as simple as using what you have on hand to make something new, for example, you can give them a little bin of random materials, some scissors, and glue, and tell them to make a bird, a house, a bridge or another prompt and see what they can come up with.

Side Walk Chalk Pictonary: Guess the picture with sidewalk chalk. The game is simple. Have a list of age appropriate words (write them on note cards or just make them up on the fly) and the person who is drawing picks a word, then try to get them to guess the word by only drawing pictures. If the weather isn’t going to allow you to be outside, take it inside with a chalkboard, a dry erase board, or just some crayons and paper!

Take A Nature Walk: Get outside and go for a walk! While you are out you can observe animals and insects or find leaves, rocks, other other fun finds to either bring back with you or take a picture of. Then when you get back to the house, try and see what you can find out about each, object, plant or animal. Where does it live, what does it need to stay alive, is it native to your area, etc.

Random Acts of Kindness: Think about a friend, neighbor or family member that you might be able to help or brighten their day or plan something to help the community.

Sometimes in a world where we focus so much on academics and athletics we can forget that kindness is one of the most important life lessons.

Tell Stories: Have your child tell you a story and write it down for them. Not only will they love getting to make up their own story, but they will doubly love the reward of your attention and getting to hear it back whenever they want. If your child needs a little help getting started, give him a prompt like, “Tell me a story about a dragon that got lost trying to find his castle,” or “Tell me a story about a princess who decided she wanted to be an astronaut.” Once they have a starting point they will surprise you with how creative they can be!

I can't wait to see what you "MAKE HAPPEN on MONDAY!

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