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About Me

Over the past 27 years I’ve collaborated with numerous special and general education teachers developing curriculum that meets the needs of students with disabilities. My work with school psychologists and other staff to administer academic and achievement assessments has served as a great wealth of working knowledge. These experiences have fostered my desire to create an individualized learning environment  that meets the needs of scholars with disabilities. I have clear understanding of the importance of looking at the whole child especially when developing plans to meet the needs of students, their families and assisting educators. In recent years I have worked individually with administrators to help students and teachers optimize their strengths while finding ways to work around obstacles.

My educational background includes earning a doctorate in Rehabilitation and Special Education with a concentration in Transition and a Masters equivalent in psychometrics from Auburn University. In addition, my qualifications include a Masters in Special Education and a Bachelors in Psychology with a concentration in Adolescent Behaviors. This amazing educational journey has led me on a path to eagerly help scholars and families. I am a collaborator that employs effective listening and communication skills, while effectively providing individual support and instructional strategies.

Tel: 770-727-2552 /
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