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My goal is to help you advocate for your child’s rights. I will explain in a non-legal capacity my understanding of certain provisions of IDEA, the 504 process and help you, the parent or guardian determine which program(s) are appropriate for your child.  First step is to review all records and evaluations to create a case summary with recommendations for your child. I will recommend accommodations, modifications, supports and related services based on the individual needs of your child. We will work with the school team to revise and/or write recommended IEP Goal(s) for your child. I will assist and support you with manifestation determination review processes. In addition, I will recommend and/or provide information on Extended School Year (ESY) and Compensatory Education Services (CES) as needed for your child. Both of these services are provided to children who receive special education services at no cost to the parent/guardian.

Advocacy Support (30 minute Initial Consultation required)

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