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To ensure that scholars with exceptionalities receive high quality advocacy and education.


Empowering scholars with exceptionalities to acquire knowledge and skills that will support them, as life-long learners.


Dr. Dee is an author, consultant, and speaker on best practices in education advocacy. She is a wife, mother, a Disability Case Manager, Education Advocate, and Behavior Specialist Consultant. She has assisted in the development of hundreds of IEPs nationally and consults on developing appropriately individualized IEPs that are outcome-based vs just legally sufficient. A great depth of expertise, practical experience, and compassion are brought into her work as well as expert insight, vision, and systemic thinking. Dr. Dee is passionate, funny and always inspires and informs. She has over 25 years of hands-on teaching and training experience with a highly diverse population of scholars and families. With these experiences, she has gained the necessary skills to implement strategies to effectively engage scholars, support parents and empower educators to use educational strategies that are sensitive to a scholar's individual needs.

Special Education Advocacy


Special Education Advocate public schools


My services are based on my belief that there are steps to success for ALL scholars. All stakeholders: students, parents, schools, and educational professionals working together to develop a plan to best support the scholar's growth in learning and social functioning. As scholars share a desire to become active members of this team, they can provide invaluable input into determining what their next steps may look like.

● In-home Parent Coaching

  • Academic 

  • Behavioral

Educator Professional Development Training and Consultation 

  • Individual and Group (General or Special Education Teachers)

Prior to any services being provided an Initial consultation must occur.


We provide:

● Advocacy Support

  • concerns about academic progress

  • information about disabilities

  • initial assessment

  • eligibility and development of 504 plans

  • eligibility and development of IEP’s

  • finding appropriate accommodations

  • developing quality educational goals

  • obtaining services, like speech and occupational therapy 

  • classroom observations

  • team communication

  • compliance issues

  • social or behavioral concerns

  • evaluating alternative placements

  • suspension and disciplinary proceedings

  • resolving disputes​

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Professional Development for Educators


C. Rollins, Rehbailtation Professor

The book is a hit! It's so cute. I love it. You did a great job with the story too. Is the second one in process? 

M. Davis, Retired Librarian  

I love the book. I feel that children will get the message. The idea is very good. 

Y. Robinson, Parent

Dr. Dee is AMAZING!! She has worked really hard with us on obtaining the appropriate services for our son.  

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